Keep an open mind. Follow your intuition. Change your consciouness. Harness the power of your healing mind.


You are born with a powerful ability to heal. There's no denying that your body's physical health and your mind are connected. Stress is the cause or a major contributing factor to all physical problems. It makes you more susceptible to sickness and disease and delays healing. If your emotions are predominantly negative, they cause the brain to secrete stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which affect the body's ability to heal. Cell regeneration only happens when the "rest and digest" parasympathetic nervous system is active — however, it becomes inactive during stress.

The more intense mental energy you give to your health, the faster you will heal.
Dr. Gurpreet Ahuja will teach you how to look inside yourself to find the answers through a process called Soul Healing. Dr. Gurpreet Ahuja uses her medical expertise and sensory perceptions to guide you through this process. By asking the right questions and doing a series of mental exercises, you'll discover where you are meeting resistance and work to move past it. By becoming more introspective, you'll learn to how to put other's judgments, as well as your own ego, aside and rely on your own intuition. Learn more.

Consultations with Dr. Gurpreet Ahuja should complement your normal medical protocol – don’t give up your meds just yet! No matter what you’re using to physically cure what ails you, incorporating mental healing techniques is equally important.